3 Arguments for Letting a Third-Party Market Your Insurance Agency

marketing strategyThe internet has allowed for all sorts of brands and businesses to compete on equal footing for market share. Now, what separates established brands from startups lies in their ability to plot and enact topnotch online marketing strategies. The insurance industry is not exempt from this reality.

In 2017, the insurance industry has incurred considerable losses. This is due in large part to global regulatory and political flux. The property-casualty (P&C) sector of the industry alone has suffered from a loss amounting to $5.1 billion in the first quarter of the previous year. This phenomenon is shared in all facets of the market.

If you are a stakeholder in the insurance field, it is about time to level up your marketing game if only to parry losses from increased claims with improved collections. Here’s how third-party marketing for your insurance agency can help you.


Maintaining an in-house marketing outfit equates to gargantuan overhead costs. This means you have to shoulder operational expenses even during operational downtime. With a third-party agency, you only spend for the exact services that you need, in the precise time that you need it.

This is why in 2017 only 9% of marketers looked into pursuing in-house content creation.

Business Insight

Business intelligence is imperative to creating on-point marketing strategies. This is something you get from third-party marketers. These entities usually have reliable analytical tools in place to determine the best way to approach marketing in any given industry.

Access to Best Practices in Marketing

Working with a third party agency means you are dealing with tried and tested marketing professionals. Their sole occupation in and dedication to the art and science of marketing means you will be the benefactor to only the best practices in the field.

Regardless of your business’s nature, the importance of marketing consistently and marketing right cannot be understated. In this regard working with a third-party agency is an option you must consider.

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