Add More Hours to Your Day and Increase Productivity in Your Small Business

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Time is of the essence for all businesses, but especially the small ones that are trying to break into the market. Time wasted could mean the loss of a potential client and loss of profit. So, how can you streamline your work process and increase productivity? Here are a few ways.

Use Technology

Technology has made life easier not just for individual consumers, but also for businesses both big and small. Your business is no exception. Whether you are selling clothes or dealing with complex heavy machinery, you can integrate various types of technology into your everyday processes to increase efficiency. Choose software that is right for your business, like Microsoft Office 365. A small business consultant from Boise will be willing to assist with installation and integration without disrupting your current processes.

Try Not to Multitask

People, especially business owners, tend to overestimate their own capability and take on multiple different tasks all at once. Multitasking seems like the solution when you are busy. In theory, you get more done when you try to do things at the same time. However, multitasking may create the opposite of what you intended. You may end up not accomplishing anything at all.

You should instead draw a plan, a comprehensive schedule that you and your team need to follow throughout the day or week. Prioritize the most important tasks first and work your way down the list. You can also schedule uninterrupted time out of your day. Try to tell your team not to disturb you unless absolutely necessary around the afternoon, for example, when you are most productive, to do your work.

A study previously conducted by Microsoft found that it takes a while for employees to refocus on their tasks once they are interrupted.Focusing on one task every day, without checking your emails or making approvals, may make you more productive.

Stop Calling for Meetings

Before you call a meeting, ask yourself: Can whatever you want to announce to your employees be sent as an email? While face-to-face communication is important for any team to function, not everything has to be discussed with everyone in the same room.

Calling everyone to the conference room wastes so many precious minutes that you could be using to do other more important things. If you have to have a meeting, let everyone know early and make it short so that people can go back to work.

Give Everyone Time to Rest

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In business, you often hear entrepreneurs bragging about how they only sleep a few hours at night. This is not only an unhealthy habit that will have dire consequences later on, but it also might make you a lot less productive.

You and your team need to rest at the end of a busy day. If you can, quit asking your employees to work overtime or work during the weekend. People need to rest in order to have the energy to face the numerous tasks ahead of them.An adult needs around seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Give yourself and your team a break.

Of course, every business has very different needs. All these things might not be applicable to everyone. Feel free to pick the few that will work with your current process and customize if you have to. You know your office better than everyone.

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