Blog Engagement: How to Attract More Readers

One of the most challenging tasks that bloggers face is keeping their readers engaged in what they write every day. If you have been writing for more than a year now, you will notice that some of your readers are no longer as invested as they used to be.

Even if your website hosting provider belongs to the top hierarchy of websites, it will not help you catch your readers’ attention if your blog has become stale or your writing has worsened. Here are some tips for keeping your readers engaged in your blog.

Make your headline and first paragraph exciting

You have to accept the fact that your blog is one out of 600 million blogs, which means that if you want your site to garner attention, you need to make some noise. One way to do that is to write headlines that are catchy.

Think about the time you have been surfing the net and you suddenly stopped because you saw a headline that automatically piqued your interest. Can you recall what it said? If so, try to mimic the way that the headline was written and use that in your blog.

Another basic rule in grabbing your readers’ attention is to make sure that your whole article is exciting or interesting. People have short attention spans, so you need to know how to deal with that.

After you have caught their attention with your catchy headline, keep them reading your blog by maintaining the momentum on your first paragraph. What you can do is pose a question. If you ask your readers a question, they will get the urge to keep reading to find for the answer.

Shorten your paragraphs

writer at work

Take into consideration again that people have short attention spans. So, if you write a paragraph that is 10 sentences long, you will just probably tire out most of your readers. Make it short. In fact, the cardinal rule in blogging these days is to shorten your paragraphs to three sentences.

Do not be text-heavy

Unless you are planning to become a novelist, you should not pepper your blog with too much text. Blog readers find some sites more interesting if they see images. If you use infographics in your blog every now and then, you will even attract more readers.

Make it more personal

Blogs are supposed to be your way of expressing your thoughts, opinions, and feelings about certain things. So, do not be afraid to speak your mind. Writing about something dear to your heart is a better way to attract readers than writing about what is trending.

Another great way to attract readers to your blog is if you let them know that you are open to having a discussion about the topics you are writing about. People may be interested to read about your thoughts and opinions but they are just as interested in voicing theirs, too. So, open your blog to this kind of situation and you might be able to garner more readers to your site.

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