Common Challenges of Remote Work and Solutions Decoded

Covid-19 has brought with it numerous challenges. Apart from health, another segment that it has impacted is the economy. To comply with social distancing restrictions enforced by the government, most companies have gone remote. A remote work environment has been a success in various ways, like decreasing project costs, maintaining work-life balance, and fewer commute issues. However, challenges also cannot be undermined.

It is essential to set up clear-cut guidelines so that both the organizations and professionals can utilize the perks while lessening the negativity. A clear stance on remote working will also help establish proper mitigation measures and allocation of resources.

Read about some of the biggest challenges that organizations are facing today.

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Security of Information

This is the first thing that most organizations are worried about today. Frauds, phishing attempts, and data breaches have come to occupy primary space for remote working. Many employees have their company-provided laptops and smartphones. However, another cluster of employees also utilizes their personal equipment to access mails or perform some tasks. You cannot always guarantee that your employee’s network is secure. Network encumbrances are also quite frequent.

It is becoming easy for attackers to access the loopholes and gain sensitive information. It is about the company and the clients, who face the wrath, lest anything goes wrong. However, everything is not that bad yet. You can always fall back on a mobile device management firm for support. Such companies will consider all the equipment while designing and monitoring various security features. Moreover, the IT departments can implement enterprise-grade security policies to make the equipment work-ready. This will surely solve the problem of securing the information.

Social Isolation

Loneliness is one of the most common issues that remote workers face. Employees miss social interaction at work because of the same. It has also been observed that outgoing people stand to face the problem in a magnified manner. Many recruits are very uncomfortable working from home. They do not get the necessary guidance after joining, affecting their performance.

If an extroverted employee wants to make the most of their remote work, it is essential to choose a co-working space where other people are also working. It is also imperative that they attend events and conferences for the same reason. It will assist in eliminating boredom while also nurturing the mind with new information. Remote-based organizations can also have meet-ups and fun weekends to energize the mind of all the employees, irrespective of their nature.


Most IT organizations are facing this issue. Many tech professionals are working full-time while attending to various side projects. This practice can lead to productivity loss and revenue loss as well. A centralized database may be required to address such issues. Apart from that, HR managers in organizations must be vigilant while filing PF returns.

To get hold of such people, employers must also routinely check employees’ tax filings to get hold of such people. Additionally, this issue highlights the harmful policies of the companies. Today, most companies have stringent rules about employment. It is upon such companies to enforce flexible schedules for employees related to the contract. If businesses are to leverage a hybrid workforce, there should be options for employees to work part-time or as freelancers. In this manner, both the employer and employee can make profits.

The employer will save on excess salaries and compliance-related payments, and employees can work with freedom on a client basis.

Family Interruptions

Apart from the above, you will also encounter interruptions from family members. Many employees post pictures of themselves or someone else working on their laptops with a baby in hand. This is a terrible representation of remote work. However, while the employee works from home, it can be tough to segregate oneself from family interference. Therefore, it becomes the prerogative of the employer to arrange for proper space for the employee, along with child care. Giving child care allowances can also help employees get professional help at a cost. When the work-from-home schedules are unplanned, it can lead to more significant interruptions.

Lack of Proper Information

Many recruits face these issues more than anyone else. They have to put in additional time and effort to understand the company’s policies and locate all necessary information. It can be more than just task-related information.

Interpersonal issues also arise in various cases. The remote working situation can cause mistrust to develop and lead to demanding work situations. Remote working makes it difficult for co-workers to interact with one another. Emotional bonds are also not formed; team building is also impossible in such cases. Companies can organize meetings on the video to facilitate interaction amongst the employees. Additionally, one can allow employees to go for movies or dinners, sponsoring the same.

Although the issues have always been there, they are highlighted now that the remote work arrangement has become the new normal. Still, you can get the right solutions through proper planning.

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