Clicks to Conversions 2020: Another Big Year for Digital Marketing

As the digital landscape evolves to give way to different technologies, it is becoming more evident that digital marketing trends will still greatly impact on how brands reach their target market. If you are planning to boost your business and increase your sales for your brand, online presence is important to make your business more accessible to customers. Working with a digital marketing company in Tampa might be of help to you, but it is important you know what are the marketing trends you can do to make your brand stand out.

So, how do you market your brands in terms of digital marketing? How do you make your content relevant so you can keep your followers engaged? Get a hold of these digital marketing trends this 2020 that you need to watch out for to keep your brand afloat from the clutter. Are you ready to keep your customers engaged?

Shoppable Posts and Social Commerce

One of the biggest challenges of any brand is on how to drive their customers from social media to their website. Keeping their followers hooked on their posts is one thing but leading them to the website to purchase those items is another thing. Now, marketers don’t need to fret too much! Businesses can now create shoppable posts on their social media platform. Social Commerce refers to purchasing products directly in a post or ad. Shoppable platforms like Instagram started this feature in 2019 and it has become a hit because according to studies, 54% of people on social media search for products that they will purchase.

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Seeding of Micro-Influencers for Authentic Content

As much as having a well-known endorser, it is not really feasible for some brands in terms of budget. If this is the case, you can always choose to hire a micro-influencer. Influencer Marketing has been a trend in social media over the years and has become a commodity. Using big-time influencers doesn’t necessarily mean it is effective because there are those who prefer to have authentic content rather than sponsored content. Micro-influencers are great in this regard because they have their own popular niche, which makes it more hyper-targeted to your intended audience.

Sentiment Analysis

Knowing what your customers and followers wants is essential in any marketing insights. Sentiment Analysis works the same as the traditional focus group discussions and surveys. But with sentiment analysis, you get the results in real-time. Social Listening is important because you can analyze the reaction of the users regarding certain products and services. It involves data-collecting to understand on how to better your products and services that fit your target market and use that results to create targeted content that addresses their concerns.

As the world becomes more digital, so should the way you market your brand. Reaching your target market is now easier because you can connect them through the tip of their fingers. Just make sure that you know to sell your brand that appeals to your target market in a short span of time. These digital marketing trends for 2020 can definitely help you convert those views and engagement into sales.

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