How to Use Technology in the Healthiest Ways

Indeed, technology has made our lives easier. But technology and social media have also caused a different kind of stress for the new generation.

We cannot deny the fact that modern technology has also opened doors of opportunities for many people. It provides information conveniently. Yet, the adverse effects of tech use are also undeniable.

In one survey, about eight out of ten Americans are too fond of using their devices. 81% of them admitted that they are connected to their device almost all the time. And while 18% of American adults believe that technology is essential, about 20% of them say that it causes them stress from time to time.

Do you want to use technology in the healthiest ways? Here are the techniques you need to do to stay connected without hurting yourself.

Never use your phone while driving

Phone use while driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents globally. Phone can distract you and take away your attention from road signs and your environment. Before you drive, turn off your phone notifications and put your device on silent mode. As much as possible, place your phone where you can’t reach it, so you will not be tempted to use it.

Don’t sacrifice your sleep

Many young individuals these days neglect the importance of sleep. They tend to sacrifice good sleep, so they can use their social media or play mobile games all night long. Various studies show that using a phone, especially at night, can affect sleep quality.

Your sleep gets affected because the blue light that your device emits reduces the production of melatonin. What is melatonin? Its primary function is to help the body regulate sleep-wake cycles. Our body produces melatonin when it’s dark. But due to blue light, it gets interfered with.

Let’s admit it. Mobile¬†applications¬†are addictive. They are strategically designed to keep you hooked and obsessed with them. And that is the reason why you put important things in your last priorities, such as sleep.

Turn off the phone before bedtime

Most people set their phones to a buzz to notify them whenever a new text, social media notification, or email comes in. Studies show that only 19% of Americans turn their phones off before going to sleep, causing their sleep to get interrupted when their phones light up or buzz.

Your sleep will significantly improve when you turn your phone off before bedtime. Better sleep may happen because you no longer spend too much time on your phone when it’s turned off.

Furthermore, frequent checking of notifications also affects your productivity, socialization skills, and overall well-being. Similarly, people who check their emails all the time are most stressed than those who don’t.

Manage your expectations

When you go on vacation, take advantage of the opportunity to detoxify from the social media craze. Avoid checking your phone and live at the moment. Connect with your inner self as you relieve stress and relax on a getaway.

On the other hand, if you want to focus on work, reduce your exposure to distractions. Keep your phone away from you and stop checking your social media notifications. If possible, inform your family and friends that you will not respond to them in the meantime.

Be a wise social media user

We use social media to stay connected to our loved ones. It is one of the best things that technology has offered to billions of people around the world. But sadly, social media is also one of the reasons why many young individuals these days develop anxiety and depression.

The good news is that you can prevent this from happening to you. Just make sure to use social media wisely. Keep in mind that not everything you see on social is true and that most of them are deceiving.

Many people show fake lives on social media, which significantly affects other individuals as they can’t afford such lifestyles. Don’t forget that it’s easy to manipulate Facebook posts and Instagram photos. No one lives a perfect life, and those you follow may have the same life problems as you.

Be present

Modern technology and social media help people stay connected. But they are also why people are disconnected from the real people around them, reducing their in-person interactions. Teens and young adults feel most disconnected from their families because of excessive social media use. As a result, their emotional well-being is affected.

Save yourself from disconnecting with your loved ones by making an effort to unplug. When your family and friend are around, avoid using your phone. Talk to them, interact, and communicate with the surrounding people to prevent detaching yourself from them.

In summary, social media and technology are essential in our lives now. But nothing is more important than taking care of yourself and staying in touch with reality. Follow these tips so you can use technology healthily and wisely.

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