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Thanks to technological breakthroughs, new gear and equipment are now available on the market to satisfy customers. For instance, smart eyeglasses continue to amaze and help a lot of people in the UK and other countries around the world. If you have a visual impairment, this technology can change your life.

There are various causes of visual impairment — cataract, glaucoma, uncorrected refractive errors, etc. The best way to fully understand your eye condition is to consult an eye expert and obtain the best solution. Getting the right treatment provides great relief and confidence to the person who has a vision impairment. This guide will discuss more about how companies can improve the well-being of their employees.

Have you heard about ‘visual impairment awareness’ training? In the UK, almost two million people suffer from eye problems. Most companies hire applicants with visual impairment because they believe that their condition would not prevent revenues from coming into the business.

Having employees with healthy vision and individuals with visual impairment promotes the concept of breaking the barrier in terms of employment — discrimination. In fact, here are significant laws in the UK that every business must be aware of:

The SEND Act 2005
Disability Discrimination Act 1995

To sum it up, these laws protect employees with disabilities from discernment when looking for employment. They prohibit employers from discriminating capable job seekers with impairment.

Granting that the person with an impairment has been accepted by the employer to work for the company, there are still some sensitive aspects that must be considered by the company. Individuals with impairment have been struggling to live a normal life. The way their co-workers treat them can affect them mentally and emotionally.

In order for the company to adjust for people with impairments and overcome the barrier, having an awareness program is necessary. The company must be trained to be cognizant of treating employees with impairments equally and protect their well-being.

To make your business non-discriminatory, everyone must be provided with adequate information to achieve a harmonious relationship with one another.

Important Subjects That Must be Tackled in Visual Impairment Awareness Training

Eye conditions and their impact
How people who lost sight deal with life
How to mingle with the blind people or those with visual impairment
The words to use when conversing with people with a visual problem
How the company can adjust to employees with visual issues
Creating a safe working environment for blind people and those with visual impairment
Highlighting ways to protect the eyes

How Long Does the Training Take?

Typically, the course can run up to 2 hours, and this would not have an adverse effect on your business hours. Most visual impairment awareness training providers can handle 20 people in one session. Letting yourself and your employees attend the training will provide long-term benefits to your company.

Find a reliable company that offers the appropriate visual awareness training to guarantee job satisfaction and an increase in employee productivity. With the help of professionals, you will be confident that your company receives bespoke support to meet its needs.

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