The Workplace: Setting up a Modern Company Wellness Room

One of the essential elements of a productive team is a healthy workforce. Your employees’ health doesn’t equate only with medical costs but also the efficiency of your business. For such reason, businesses are paying more attention to the health of their workforce, from simply promoting positive lifestyle choices to providing wellness programs.

Other companies are even offering educational seminars, company-sponsored exercises, and health screenings. Apart from those, encouraging breaks is a simple practice to help employees alleviate their stress. One way to do this is by creating an ideal wellness room where your team can rest and relax. To help you in building one, here are some modern and tech upgrades that you can consider.

1. Install controlled lighting system

One of the most incredible things that modern technology offers is a controlled lighting system. Lighting is an essential element of any workspace. The problem is, most workers rarely get natural light. For this, you can use lighting technologies that can mimic sunlight. You can choose from ceiling lights to floor lamps to place in your wellness area. You can find sun lights with adjustable color temperatures, Bluetooth connection, out-of-home control features, and voice control. Vibrant or bright lights are ideal for active zones like exercise, while lights with dimmable features are better for relaxation areas. Modern lighting technology like LEDs is also a popular therapeutic tool with many health benefits.

2. Set up modern insect traps

Another crucial factor to consider is insect control. Luckily for you, there are tons of modern insect traps that you can choose from. For instance, you can buy quality mosquito traps to ensure your company wellness room is free from carriers of various diseases. Most of these innovative traps use artificial skin emanations to attract the biters and catch them effectively. Look for indoor smart traps suited for the type and size of the room. Fret not because most of the modern insect traps today are available in stylish and unobtrusive models. They won’t ruin the aesthetics of your wellness room in any way.

3. Plan for individual privacy

When designing your company wellness room, don’t forget to also consider the nursing mothers in your team. Provide them with a safe zone in the room where they can privately breastfeed their babies. You can put up privacy dividers or curtains to separate the areas. Or, if you have a bigger budget and more space, you can give them a separate room where they can take care of their children and pump breast milk.

Not having proper accommodation can lead to unnecessary anxiety and stress while they’re in the office. This isn’t just a perfect example of common courtesy, but it’s also a requirement under the Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA. According to this law, providing break time and private space for nursing mothers at work is part of an employer’s responsibility.

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4. Buy the right equipment

If you’re setting up a meditation zone in your wellness area, yoga mats are the ones you should primarily invest in. You might need to add some massage chairs if you’re planning to set up a complete relaxation zone. Look for massage chairs with amazing modern features such as roller intensity systems, heat and sound therapy, pre-programmed massage options, body scanning technology, one-touch remotes or touchscreen, and various reclining options.

What’s more, you can also incorporate sensory-focused details to create the best environment for your team. If you’re looking to add a calming effect to the space, you can add other features like sound-canceling, air purification, and white-noise technology.

5. Incorporate a natural connection

Many modern wellness areas are using the biophilic design to create a more holistically and aesthetically pleasing space. This interior concept is typically used in commercial wellness establishments like spas to add more health benefits for their guests. Now, many modern workspaces are also adapting and considering it into their entire architectural build. As for your company wellness room, a natural connection can make the space more relaxing and comfortable for your employees. You can start with indoor green walls and use raw materials such as stone and wood to replicate nature’s sensory variation. If the type of your office permits, you can add some skylights to let natural light into the area. Other elements to incorporate are natural patterns and shapes, ventilation, and a transitional layout.

Creating a wellness area can give your employees better convenience when it comes to resting and staying healthy. At the same time, it can boost the value and productivity of your workplace. Check what your team members need and design the wellness room around it and the tips in this article.

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