NFC Technology: Understanding its Usage

man using his smartphoneThe world gets more and more futuristic day by day. No one knows whether the things that happen in futuristic movies like Matrix will happen in real life one day. But one thing is for sure, as days pass, the role of technology in human lives are becoming bigger and bigger. Now, a simple payment or transfer of information can be transfer not with just a click, but rather via a few inches apart.

Yes, people seemingly tapping their phones in small machines to make their payments are using a technology called Near Field Communication or NFC. But, before you purchase NFC tags or find out whether your phone has the feature or not, experts at NFC Direct note that it pays to understand how the system works and how it can be used in your everyday life.

What is NFC?

With the name itself, NFC uses proximity plus the help of modern technology to transfer data consisting of texts and numbers. Devices like phones, bands, or even smaller tags like stickers store information that can be shared with another NFC enabled device.

NFC works by having three major components namely the chip, the antenna, and something to keep it together. The chip is the main storage and source of information while at antenna gathers signals and allows actual information transfer. The substrate holds the two together usually in the form of an adhesive.

How can it be used practically?

As more and more businesses make use of NFC technology to make their transactions faster and more accurate, more and more people wonder how they can use the technology in their everyday life. Wonder no more. There are multiple apps as well as devices in the market that enables NFC technology. Alarm clocks, door locks, light controls, even exchanging of a virtual business card can be done between two NFC enabled devices. All you need to do is know (or ask) if NFC is available and voila!

Thinking of jumping to the NFC trend? Visit your shops and see how you can have the technology at your fingertips now.

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