Real Talk: Do You Really Need an App for Your Business?

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From the life-important (like calculating budget and tracking medications) to the downright weird (like finding ‘cuddle mates’), there’s basically an app for everything. It’s a huge moneymaker, so it’s not surprising that many businesses are into it. The reality is not all apps experience success. In fact, many platforms are only used once, then be completely forgotten (or worse, deleted) after a few months.

Before you launch an app, it’s important to answer the most obvious yet simplest questions: Does your business really need it? And do you need it now? That’s the only way you’ll know if it would gain traction among consumers. Here are ways to know for sure if your business needs an app:

Identify the problem the app solves

The problem would serve as the purpose for the app’s existence. Think about it: The most downloaded apps are those that fix a problem — the menstrual cycle tracker that offers a solution to forgetful women, the online payment platform that cuts off the need to go to banks and wait in long lines, or the fruit-themed game that kills time in long lines. Your business app has to satisfy a need. If it doesn’t, chances are people won’t bother searching for it in the app store or much less download it.

Look at your competitors

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If they have an app, there must be a compelling reason for it. Consider how they’ve positioned themselves in the platforms. See how the public receives it as well, with the number of downloads and the reviews in the app store. If they’re doing good, you should consider launching an app — one that offers better functionality than your competitors. Work with professionals experienced in Android and IOS app development. Digital marketing agencies in different parts of Australia often have such services.

Consider your customer loyalty program

If you have a reward program, having an app will provide better customer service, as it avoids punching cards and keying in information time and time again. Consumers will appreciate how easy they can track and receive discounts, coupons, and other freebies. The added benefit here is you’re able to improve brand recognition. An app for the purpose of better branding is also a good reason to launch one.

Does your business need an app? If it does, partner with digital experts to launch the best one in the market.

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