The Benefits You Get If You Install a Home Alarm System

House alarmHaving a home alarm system gives you the security you need, whether you are in or out of your house. The latest alarm systems (i.e., wireless systems) even allow video monitoring with regular activity notifications and control over other home systems through your computer or phone.

The technology has truly evolved greatly. But, before checking out alarm companies in Utah for a quote, find out first the benefits of having an alarm system installed in your home.

1. Drives intruders away

Research shows that a home without a security system is likely to be a victim of intrusion by almost three times more than a secured home. The presence of an installed alarm system alone drives intruders away, keeping your family safer.

2. Protects your home from fire

Alarm systems generally keep intruders away. But, modern home alarm systems already offer early warning systems that inform owners of the presence of smoke as well as sources of heat. Some systems are also programmed to contact fire authorities.

3. Safeguards your belongings

Another important capability of alarm systems is securing your valuables. In the US, about 2.1 million burglaries lead to over $4 billion in losses annually from unprotected homes. The latest technologies now have more powerful sensors that target potential burglars and intruders.

4. Saves on insurance costs

Homeowners insurance is a required coverage in most residential communities. It aims to protect homes from losses and damages brought by events such as fires, tornadoes and hurricanes. With a well-functioning alarm system, homeowners get discounts (i.e., a max of 20%) from the insurer.

5. Reduces energy use

Some alarm systems also feature home automation, which helps reduce energy consumption. This feature allows homeowners to remotely access and control electrical systems in their homes, such as lighting, appliances as well as heating and cooling systems.

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