The Business Applications of NFC Technology

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Since smartphones are prevalent today, businesses find ways to leverage technology for success. With that in mind, many companies have started to buy NFC tags, which are little devices that use radio technology to activate specific functions on a smart device. At first glance, these objects might seem insignificant. However, you can customise them and enjoy a range of creative features. Here are five fascinating uses of NFC tags that are sure to make them a hit:

Free Wi-Fi

Even the smallest of businesses will find a boost when you offer free Wi-Fi for customers to enjoy. After all, in light of the hunger to stay connected, it’s sure to appeal to everyone. All you need to do is set a tag somewhere that is easily accessible; it can automatically connect customers to their much-wanted Wi-Fi. This gets rid of the hassle of having to print passwords for distribution.

Smart Directions

NFC technology can also be incorporated into large posters. If you use them to grab the attention of customers, you can use NFC to take it a step further—giving smart directions to your business! That’s because NFC tags can also be programmed to trigger any map application and provide instructions. With this application, you can use print marketing to bring customers to your doors. If you want to start an effective marketing or publicity campaign for your business, you can use NFC technology to bring your plans to fruition.

Smart Tickets

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Concerts and great gatherings will also benefit from NFC tags. In this case, you can use them as ticket portals and avoid wasting paper on printing many tickets. Additionally, you can use them as invitations to special areas for some attendants. NFC tags can be used for cashless purchases within the events area. All of these add up to a great deal of convenience.

Easy Access

Another great thing about NFC tags is that you can use them to allow access to areas in your office. Depending on how you program the labels, they can be made to identify different people in your office. Again, this gets rid of the need to create ID badges. Your employee’s smartphones can be their accesses “cards” for your office space. This is a high-tech yet affordable solution.

Unique Business Cards

As invaluable as business cards are, they hold too little in the way of information that promotes your business. With an embedded NFC tag, you can transform these little cards into portals to your portfolio or even product catalogues online. Doing so makes them infinitely more useful and will undoubtedly allow them to stand out among the clutter in the office.

In the end, with NFC technology, you can be better connected to evolving technological trends. You can use smartphones and other products of technology to your advantage. With these smart devices, you can set your business apart in fascinating ways and increase your bottom line. If you feel uncertain, be sure to seek the help of experts in near-field communication.

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