Social Media Today: Understanding Its Impact on Its Users

Social Media AppsThe use of social media platforms has become a staple in everyday modern life. During the pandemic, the benefits of having social media in our lives have been more pronounced. With the guidelines for social isolation and quarantine, we are left to our own devices in finding ways to communicate with friends and loved ones. Despite the distance, we can still maintain a sense of community because of social media platforms.

These social media platforms have been evolving constantly and rapidly through the years. From the era of MySpace to the new generation of TikTok users, Internet culture has grown massively after several years. Depending on your perspective and usage, this can be either good or bad.

Businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers have been utilizing the benefits of social media for their own pursuits. Given the continuous evolution of the social media landscape, digital marketing services have become available and accessible to these people who need help in their ventures.

The Impact of Social Media on Society

Despite the improvement of the health situation in some parts of the globe, there are still areas around the world that are locked in quarantine. With this social isolation, people have been resorting to different methods of communication to keep in touch with friends and loved ones.

Having a strong support system, no matter how far, is essential in keeping good emotional and mental health today. While social media platforms have many benefits regarding their use in communication and business, too much consumption of these platforms can also be detrimental to one’s health.

For the past several years, the use of social media has changed. For example, at the beginning of the Instagram era, people used to post random mundane images from their everyday lives. They took a photo, applied a heavy Instagram filter, and posted their picture. That was the simple era of Instagram.

Today, however, many people continue to be fooled by the glitz and glamour they see on the same platform. Instagram users have been using this platform to showcase carefully curated images that supposedly reflect their perfect lifestyles. The problem lies in the inevitable tendency of humans to compare their personal experiences with the artificial images that social media content portrays these days.

social media

With these comparisons, people end up feeling more disconnected and disappointed with themselves instead of benefiting from the social aspect of social media. This experience becomes problematic once it affects a person’s mental health.

Another growing concern regarding social media platforms is how people have been using these to gather news and information. While major news outlets have adapted to the social media landscape, not all social media users follow these credible sources. Instead, they end up believing in potentially misleading content that may be harmful to the community and themselves.

Social media is merely a tool for communication. With the various potential concerns that may arise from the use of these platforms, it can be observed that social media itself is not harmful. The misuse of these platforms paves the way for people to have negative experiences with this development in modern technology. It is up to us to control and educate ourselves on being disciplined in using such media.

The Rise of Social Media in Business

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram — these social media platforms have evolved drastically over the years. These days, social media influencers have the capacity to monetize their content. Apart from earning from online engagement, these influencers are also offered sponsorship by various relevant brands. Social media is open for business.

Nowadays, it has become an automatic assumption for entrepreneurs to use social media to promote their businesses. Almost everyone uses social media these days, so it only makes sense to promote a company wherever the consumers are. Apart from allowing entrepreneurs to connect with potential consumers, social media also enables business owners to monitor their competitors and strategies. This is important in keeping up with trends in the market.

New entrepreneurs should invest time and resources in learning about social media marketing. Even as they plan on consulting a marketing professional, it would be best to have an idea about what to expect. It would also help your consultant if you already have an initial vision for your marketing strategy.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have relied on social media to connect with their friends and loved ones. These platforms have helped people in coping with today’s stressful situations. While social media channels have their benefits, the misuse of these platforms can also bring about adverse effects on their users.

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