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Not all websites and companies can get away with too much quirk when it comes to their brand image. Those who are in licensed professions would want some semblance of dignity even as they navigate the more informal setting that is the online sphere. The hard line is drawn when trends say bold is the new black, but whilst this might receive disapproval even before you see your options, failure to revamp may cut off your connection with trends.

Rather than have an antiquated website, consider these use of bold colours that will not tamper with your professional image:

Use Gradients

When you first thought of the way bold colour have dominated web design trends in Dartford and beyond, did you cringe at the idea of turning your website into a bubblegum pink, all-frills version of its respectable, if not too serious, version? That is taking it a bit too extreme and it is not your only choice.

Take cues from Spotify’s use of gradients to play up the fun aspect of music, which is their main product. Your industry can be a little more forgiving if you do not cover everything in a bold shade of pink, a move too extreme if you are used to having a dark colour palette. It would be easier to take in if you retain the dark theme with blacks softening to pinks and other colours of your choosing. You are becoming more trendy without sacrificing the serious nature of the business, making this change a subtle but effective way to update your website.

Choose One Accent Colour

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One of the concerns of site owners is that their website may look dated–or seasonal. The use of bright colours is often associated with spring. Does the redesign of your website lose its meaning when winter returns? This idea makes site owners think updating the colours they use on their website may not mean anything when it is out of season, therefore making it a complete waste of money. However, bright colours are not just here to herald spring; they are here as a reflection of the preferences of your customers, which are as current as can be. If looking too springy is still a concern, try not to go for a makeover that is too drastic. You do not have to replace all colours with bold hues. Choose one highlight, such as a bright yellow, to go with the rest of your website to be current but still somber.

Define Edges

Bold will always be associated with fun, and while that may hit the spot for other industries, your professional tone does not have to suffer to get with the times. As others move to more abstract icons and cursive fonts, you can choose to highlight edges when redesigning your website. A bold blue shape as the background will look playful with curved edges, but with sharp and defined edges, it will look sophisticated. This goes in the opposite direction as gradients, but if this suits your preferences more, there is no reason for you not to use this style instead.

Trends come and go even in web design, but you can tailor them to your business needs without letting go of your company’s pristine image. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box.

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