Valentine’s Is Coming: Prepare to Sell Your Clothing Brand

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With every holiday comes festive spending. Don’t underestimate the American consumer on the Day of Hearts. Here, gift-giving is a tradition and roses and truffles are Valentine’s staples. Jewelry stores and wineries have a field day, and restaurants arrange one candle-lit dinner after another.

Your clothing store may be the last place people would enter in search of the perfect gift. The traditional path leads them to flower shops, chocolatiers, and toy stores selling giant stuffed bears. The more sophisticated, ready-to-impress individuals head to theater ticket sellers for a trendy, experiential gift.

If you want a share of the pie, you need to turn their heads toward your shop as early as January.

Make the Most of Your Display

The only way to snap people out of their reverie while walking down the street is a show-stopping display. Surely, people want to look good on a date; nobody wants to look shabby on Valentine’s.

Traditional colors are red and white, but don’t put clothes with these shades on display — all your competitors are bound to go down that road. Instead, use them as a backdrop and showcase alluring garments — little black dresses, smart navy suits, or preppy casual wear. Add scarves, gloves, or anything that can make a February date a little warmer.

Do away with the heart cut-outs because a lot of other shops would do that. Try paper lanterns, origami birds, bows, kiss marks, and love letter envelopes. Take it a step further by combining different textures (for instance, smooth gold foil and crumpled crepe paper) and materials (satin fabric and lace ribbons).

Help People Be Creative Gift Givers

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Most people enter stores wanting “something unique” but have no idea where to start. Grab this opportunity and say that a piece of clothing, in itself, is a “unique” present.

Nothing says “I’ll always keep you warm” like a nice, woolen scarf or a quality zip-front jacket. Novelty prints are on the rage, while sunglasses with atypical shapes are the new It accessories. How about a coat he or she can wear for any occasion, or a pair of goofy socks they can take anywhere?

Offer Convenience

Apart from ensuring the safety of the racks or checking if you need to repair the Zebra barcode scanner, make a few changes to increase the convenience of shopping.

Gather Valentines-related gifts at the center of the store, so shoppers don’t have to wade through the store. Create gift baskets of small clothing items, so procrastinating partners can easily get a grab-and-go, but impressive gift.

There will always be people who are too lazy to wrap their gifts, so offer in-store gift wrapping services. A word of caution, though: avoid plastering your name all over the wrapping. Over-branding leaves a negative impression. Every gift, after all, is meant to be personal.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a goldmine for Valentine sales. Since many of your customers are wired, share your gift deals to increase foot traffic. Announce discounts, gift-wrapping services, and gift baskets. Post photos of lovely couples in your clothes and show them how romantic it must be to wear your stylish picks on a date.

The one thing you and your staff have to keep in mind is that costumers want to give something special. The ultimate goal is to help them find a present that their partners will appreciate. Whether it’s a colorful poncho or character socks, giving thoughtful gifts never go out of style.

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