Going Green in Business: What Green Digital Technologies to Incorporate

Going green has become a buzzword in recent years. There has been a strong push for environmental awareness and sustainability in the world of business. Why? We must start taking steps towards saving our planet Earth.

But while green initiatives are meant to protect the environment, they come with a handful of benefits for your business. These benefits include a boost in employee morale and consumer trust, a decrease in energy consumption and utility bills, and an increase in the bottom line.

If you want to go green in your business, it’s best to invest in green technologies operated via online platforms. Here are green digital tools and technologies to incorporate for your business:

1. eCommerce Platforms for Online Business

The eCommerce industry has become increasingly popular in recent years. Thanks to eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, and Magento! They allow both entrepreneurs and consumers to meet online and pursue business transactions. In fact, eCommerce businesses have all the more thrived during the pandemic. If you have a brick-and-online business, consider transitioning to an eCommerce business. This route will help you eliminate the need to maintain a physical store, cut on energy use, and help save the environment.

2. IoT Technology for Energy Monitoring

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a game-changer in the business landscape. Due to the interconnectivity of physical devices, it has significantly improved various businesses across different industries. But on a more specific note, your business can take advantage of this technology to monitor and regulate your company’s energy consumption. For instance, you can use energy-efficient devices for customized heating and cooling systems in your office or business establishment.

3. Digital Communication Tools for Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled plenty of companies to adopt the work from home (WFH) policy. But it has become abundantly clear that remote work is plausible for businesses and beneficial for most employees. Thanks to digital tools and technologies, a company can take advantage of a unified communication system. Employees can communicate and collaborate, no matter where they are in the world. They can even go as far as assisting customers and clients in the comfort of their homes. This remote setup for your business will minimize carbon footprint, reduce expenses, and boost productivity.

4. Cloud Computing for Data Storage

technology in business

For the uninitiated, cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing services using the internet. These include servers, storage, databases, networks, and software, all operating and working via the web. But for the most part, cloud computing is best for data storage. With this in place, you don’t need to have a house server and hardware. With the elimination of physical resources, you can help save raw materials and the environment in general.

5. Green Data Center for Energy Consumption

green data center consists of a service facility with energy-efficient tools and technologies. It holds the business data and information that operates its mechanical, electrical, lighting, HVAC, and computer systems. It helps regulate your business’ energy consumption and boost your energy efficiency. With this in place, your business can benefit from its optimal energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Ultimately, consider setting a green data center in place so that your business can instantly earn an environmental management system certification.

6. 3-D Printing for Manufacturing

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3-D printing entails creating a solid object out of a digital design. From an online output, the process involves thin layers of materials fused to create a form. Additive manufacturing has become such a game-changer in the world of business. It has revolutionized how products are produced while having minimal consequences for the environment. As such, it can help reduce your use of raw materials and minimize waste products in your business.

7. Electric Vehicles for Transportation

We cannot deny the fact how regular modes of transportation can contribute to global pollution. But thanks to the emergence of electric vehicles, they can make a difference in business and the environment. Soon enough, they are going to take over the world, as far as transportation is concerned. If your business needs some company vehicles, you may want to opt for electric cars. They can provide you with tax incentives and offer optimal efficiency without harming the environment.

Going green in your business can come a long way. That’s why it’s best to invest in digital tools and technologies as early as now. Be sure to consider some of those mentioned above, from eCommerce platforms and cloud computing to electric vehicles. Ultimately, there is nothing more fulfilling than making your business sustainable for the long-term while helping save the planet Earth.

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