4 SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making

wooden blocks read seo on top of a laptopGarnering an estimated value of over $70 billion, SEO is undoubtedly an effective marketing strategy that is expected to continue growing in the following years.

Unfortunately, there are still notions of how SEO has proven to be ineffective for some businesses. While this kind of news is nothing new, the truth of the matter is that entrepreneurs and business owners are most likely blind to the root of the problem.

1. Implementation of Outdated SEO Strategies

Usually, individuals are quick to assume that SEO does not work because of a failed attempt. However, the reality is that there is a chance that the problem does not root from ineffective SEO, but from using outdated SEO strategies.

Yes, you read that right – outdated. With the ever-changing nature of the digital marketing industry, it is not surprising that one needs to adapt and evolve to survive. Likewise, SEO strategies have done the same over the years. While a lot of people might claim that SEO has crumbled and died, the truth is that it’s very much alive and has evolved into something more.

So, if you think that the old ways of SEO have not been effective for your company so far, it’s best to ask help from an SEO consultant to work on new ways to boost your online presence.

2. Obsession in Ranking as Number One

In relation to the outdated SEO strategies mentioned above, one of them is the obsession in ranking as the number one page in search engines. While your rank gives you an advantage, the reality is that it does not yield beneficial traffic to your website.

In simple terms, there is no point in putting up your page at the very top of a search engine if you cannot address the consumer’s question or necessity properly, because it will just be a fruitless attempt to gain an audience.

3. Focusing on Quantity over Quality

As mentioned above, your ranking doesn’t help you win over consumers. Often, companies focus on multiplying keywords on their posts and pages to rise in ranking. Because of this, the quality of the content is not given enough attention.

In the old days, this method would’ve worked. But as consumers have understood the importance of smart researching, they now choose to click on pages that are helpful to them judging by the meta description and not the rank of your page. Therefore, it is crucial that you focus on the quality of your content more than the keywords for ranking.

4. Disregard for Online User Experience

Businessman working on tablet with USER EXPERIENCE on a screen

While optimizing your content or website for search engines used to be the core of SEO, the truth is that it has evolved into something more complex. Nowadays, the optimization of keywords alone can no longer do the trick. Factors such as the time individuals spend on your page, how far they scroll down your page before leaving the site, and the number of pages they view when accessing your site matter more now. This is due to Google’s goal to provide users and consumers with an improved online experience, so they utilize pages that users deem relevant after a search with the said indicators.

These are just a few of outdated SEO practices. If you’d want to get your website ranking, then the best thing would be to work with a search engine optimization firm in Utah. Collaborating with experts is your best bet to ensuring that you don’t commit any mistakes, and inadvertently waste your time and money.

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