Effective Strategies to Increase Social Media Engagement

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When you have a small business, digital marketing is the great equalizer because it enables you to reach a multitude of customers using social media and other online platforms. That way, you do not have to spend so much on TV commercials or paid ads. However, there are still strategies that you need to learn.

For businesses with websites and social media pages, traffic is everything. You can seek help from an SEO company to increase your traffic and formulate strategies for your website. For social media, there are also simple ways to increase your engagement.

Ask interesting and engaging questions

In the social media age, people seek to express themselves. They want to express their feelings and preferences. They want to have the feeling that their opinions and thoughts are valid and important.

With this knowledge, the key to getting more engagement is to seek their opinion, and you can do this by asking questions. Not just any question, but those that will pique their interest and trigger their imagination.

One of the questions that rake in many responses and engagements are the “What if” questions or the “If you could” queries. These questions can touch a sentimental nerve on most readers and they get to practice creativity by thinking of imaginative answers.

The engagement snowballs when opinions and reactions start coming in. You can also keep the discussion flowing by asking some follow up questions on their responses.

Conduct Online Polls

If the first type of question attracts those who want to flex their creativity, you can also reach out to the more opinionated followers by conducting an online poll. Social media users feel very strongly about their preferences and they are brave when they are on the Internet. The discussions can get heated, so you also need to be a moderator. Whatever direction the ensuing discussion takes, you can be sure that there will be increased engagement.

Acknowledge those who comment or share your posts through tags and mentions

Nothing encourages your followers and customers than being acknowledged, and in the social media language, this is done through tags and mentions. When you tag or mention your followers, whether they are your customers or collaborators, they feel like they are important, but what’s more, they will believe your sincerity. They will no longer think that you are just after the sales and numbers and that they are nothing more than just a statistic.

However, for your tags to feel authentic, it is best to limit the number of people you tag in one post. If you just tag everybody in one post, that does not really make you feel distinguished. You have to put in the work and have different posts, tagging only those who would really be interested in that particular post.

Be Up to Date with Current Events

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When you catch up with trends, you can even gain new followers. Check on social media platforms and see what is trending. Twitter is a good source and you can also use it to your advantage. Make sure you add your own twist when you seek opinions or ask questions on current events. Chances are, there are already various posts that have done the same.

Social media marketing will reap engagement when you give your followers what they want. Try to put yourself in their shoes and it would be easy because you are also a social media follower yourself. Trust your instincts and be creative.

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