Breaking Down SEO to Simple Chunks

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When it comes to search engine optimization, you want a balance of Google-friendly metrics and natural language. Bigwigs often emphasize that you should not be building your strategies for machines; rather, you should focus on humans, your actual clients. Apparently, if you do this, the traffic will come organically.

It sounds easier said than done. Let’s break it down to chunks that you can grasp more effectively.

Don’t Turn Your Accounts into Padded Resumes

One big mistake when it comes to SEO is leaning heavily on your web copy. You expect it to do so many things, but by cramming everything into a single location, you are overloading site viewers with too much information and diluting the content. What Utah digital marketing agencies recommend is that you build each page with a clear keyword in mind, and focus on that topic. This helps the site rank for each keyword instead of turning into one painfully long copy.

Go with simple language. Keep everything clean and readable. Yes, you’ll want to brag about your brand’s long history, but don’t let the bragging get too much that viewers will be sick of it halfway through the page.

Keep a Professional Tone

No matter how humorous your brand is known for, it should still keep an air of professionalism. That means you should proofread the copy to get rid of grammatical errors that bring down the image you’re trying to build. Clever puns and wordplay are appreciated, but unabashed misuse of the English language will only earn you mockery.

While social media accounts can use a more casual tone, do check that each post is in line with the overall image of the brand. This is especially important when you’re weighing in on a controversial topic. You’d do well to let an experienced social media manager handle these accounts rather than letting your intern post anything they want. Take the many ways brands have gotten into trouble because of intern revolt and learn from them.

Use a Respectable Image-to-Text Ratio

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You may be starting with a long and winding copy and you’re not ready to part with a single word, but it’s something that needs to be done if you want to leave room for those images. Showing the right photos on your website makes them more authentic and trustworthy in the eyes of visitors. That is, of course, if you use them strategically and properly.

Only high-quality images should be seen on your site. Purchase stock photos to get rid of those pesky watermarks. Use images conscientiously, as well. They affect the loading speed of your website, so if you have thousands of photos on there, the site will load slower. There are many ways to design a business website successfully and responsively, but the excessive use of images combined with long paragraphs of text is simply not one of them.

Take a quick search online and you’ll be met with millions of articles about how you should do SEO. Even without heavy terms that sound more authoritative, the basics of site design should get you on the right track to success.

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