Five Ways to Boost Your SEO Through Brand Reputation

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Did you know that Google considers ‘brand’ a ranking signal? Yes, the very reputation of your company can push your web pages up the rankings. If you just heard about this fact now, you probably missed many opportunities to boost your SEO through sound public relations over the past months. Don’t fret, though; the arrival of 2019 symbolises new hope and a fresh start to make up for not utilising this strategy.

To elevate your website’s visibility across the Internet through your brand, employ these tips.

1. Build as Many Linkless Backlinks as Possible

Experts in SEO services in Perth would say that a brand could bring an impact of ranking signal as a backless backlink. Considering that backlink creation is prone to abuse, Google rewired its algorithm to incentivise mentions of a brand that don’t link back to its website.

Getting your brand mentioned anywhere on the Internet, including social networks, will benefit your company. Of course, quality as just as important as quantity. Publication of high-quality content featuring your company and organic mention of your brand matter.

2. Make Headlines

Speaking of publication, 2019 is the time to put your company in the spotlight more often, if you haven’t done so already in the past. Make some noise to be the talk of the town and produce engaging content to go viral. Let the world know about the achievements of your company and any exciting news concerning your organisation. Make sure no good deeds go unpublished.

3. Befriend Influencers

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If you don’t have enough clout to be noticed and cared about, forge relationships with those who have. Look for key influencers who are willing to put your brand on a pedestal, especially the ones that already can’t get enough of it.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to them to express your interest in talking to them. As news makers and trendsetters, most influencers love to get exclusive information about the things that draw attention to them. These people or platforms also have their own brands to promote, which will make your relationship with them completely symbiotic.

4. Address Negative Reviews Fast

Keep a constant lookout for brand mentions. You should monitor who talks about your company, not because of vanity but of PR. Your organisation must be aware of any negative public sentiment immediately to address every unpleasant feedback in no time. Don’t let old and potential customers sleep feeling bad about your brand.

Use a tracking tool to find linkless backlinks over the web in real time to keep an eye on how the world perceives your brand. This way, you can extinguish the flames of any PR crisis even before it begins to ignite.

5. Learn From More Successful Competitors

Follow the footsteps of your competitors that have been nailing this SEO measure. Check out their brand mentions to understand how they execute content strategies. Copying the strengths of your strongest competitors and learning from their mistakes can tell you which campaigns, platforms and tactics work effectively in your niche.

Using your brand as a ranking signal to step up your digital marketing is smart, but don’t overlook other key factors. Partner with an SEO company that has already generated positive results from this strategy to reduce trial and error.

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