Do it for the ‘Gram: How Instagram Posts Can Help Franchises

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So you think that the marketing team for your business is up-to-date technologically? Don’t be so sure right away. It is not enough to have multiple social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even a simple downloadable app. You have to utilize each one of them to their fullest potential. Your goal is to attract as many potential consumers as possible.

Nowadays, people don’t receive the bulk of information from the newspaper, television, or radio. They get it from the Internet. You have the option to get left behind and be buried by more technologically-savvy competitors, or you can have the tools to boost a significant online following from which you can get customers. Even franchises use social media marketing to spread the word about their products and services.

In this article, I’ll be focusing on the use of Instagram, why it’s the most exceptional online weapon you have now, and how you can utilize its full potential.

Be Creative

Instagram is immensely popular not just because it is quick and convenient but also because it is attractive. You can scroll through countless pictures and videos that are followed by short, easy-to-read captions. It is a must to attract attention as quickly as possible. First, you should focus on the quality of the posts. Are the pictures of your products appealing? Are there any awkward crops and closeups? Are they altered with lots of random effects? Also, try clicking your profile and see how your posts come together. Do they have a common theme, a unifying factor that makes your Instagram profile a pleasant sight? Consider these when posting.

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Be Consistent

Post regularly, but don’t overdo it. If you do so, you might annoy your followers to the point where they unfollow or block you. Consider the consumer’s needs and how often they might be needing your products. Better yet, try to show them why they need your product. Post every time you have a new promo or product. And don’t forget to commemorate important holidays, like Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving. A simple graphic with the logo and banner of your franchise will be enough to achieve this.


Call attention to needs. It is basic marketing. If it seems that your following wouldn’t be needing your product or service anytime soon, find a way to change their mind. Make them feel like they need extras or back-up.

Or, better yet, tug their hearts. Along with beautiful pictures, memes, and short video clips, add anecdotes. Communicate with your following. Ask fun questions and encourage them to leave comments with their answers. Make your product or service a familiar presence, a name they can easily recall.

Communication is key, especially in this day and age. Instagram is just one tool out of many, but it is perhaps the easiest, most expansive tool with immense potential that you can tap with enough effort. While using the app itself is not difficult (you can get the hang of it on your first try), capturing attention is another issue. The basic marketing principles still apply: keep it short, attractive, and necessary.

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