Why You Shouldn’t Throw That PDA Away

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Technology has a way of discarding old gadgets when newer ones come around the corner. It happened with typewriters, rotary phones, analogue cellular phones, and desktop computers. But, there are some gadgets that you might want to hold back from throwing because they still have some use today.

One such gadget is the personal digital assistant, also known as PDA. It is a lot like the smartphones we use today in it can store a lot of information and even help you manage your calendar. While smartphones can already do all of those things, the PDA still has some tricks up its sleeve.

Here are reasons you should hold onto that thing and go to a PDA repair shop to have your gadget fixed.

It’s cheaper

The truth is a PDA is more expensive than a smartphone upon purchase. It is the monthly subscription to data service that will make your smartphone much more expensive in the long run.

A PDA will cost around $300 upon purchase but after you buy it, you do not need a data service provider to access the internet. You only need to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and you can check your email and message other people. As for a smartphone you need to connect to a data service provider, which will cost around $40 a month.

Another thing about carrier networks is that PDAs are easier to switch networks with, as compared to smartphones. Smartphones are often dedicated to a particular network provider. But with your PDA, you can change providers anytime, making it more convenient for you.

Its screen is large enough

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Another advantage of the PDA over the smartphone is that its screen is much larger than that of the latter. With the PDA, you can view any document or email better because the screen is big enough for you to see the text and images well. With a smartphone, sometimes you have to squint just to read the text messages.

But, a PDA is smaller than a tablet and this has its advantages, as well. If you are having a hard time reading the messages on your smartphone, someone might persuade you to use a tablet. But, the problem with tablets is that they’re too big to carry without a bag. If you are just using a PDA, on the other hand, this gadget is small enough to fit in your pocket, but it has a large enough screen for you to read your messages and documents properly.

The PDA and smartphone have their own advantages and disadvantages. But, what most experts say when it comes to choosing a gadget is to purchase both if you have the extra cash. If you have both a PDA and a smartphone, you have a backup for your data. If you lose your smartphone and all of your data is stored there, then it’s gone forever. But, if you have a PDA you can use that as your backup device for storing contacts and other important things.

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