How Cloud Based Project Management is Changing the Workspace

cloud based project management

Project management has been a thing since before computers. When computers and networks came into the mainstream, they simply made the work easier for project managers. The Internet, for one, made it possible for companies to opt for cloud-based project management.

If you are not yet on board with putting project management on cloud servers, then you need to know how it is changing the workplace for the better. Find out why project managers need to move over to the cloud.

Less space

Project managers used computer networks and servers onsite to store their data before the cloud was an option. That meant they needed space dedicated to the equipment. Climate control might even have been necessary to keep the servers from overheating. If you put project management online using cloud-based software, you will not need space or climate control to keep your own servers. In fact, you will not need servers at all, so that is a big savings for you.

Less staff

Cloud-based software for project management is usually software-as-a-service (SaaS). You only need to pay a monthly or an annual fee to the company for your preferred package. The SaaS company takes care of everything else.

This means you will not need your own IT and other support staff. In fact, the people maintaining the host servers are most likely better qualified than any inhouse staff most non-IT companies can get. You will also not have to deal with problems of keeping your inhouse servers running. The cost savings from this alone makes shifting to cloud-based solutions worthwhile.

Better oversight

cloud management

Project managers need to be on top of everything going on with the work at every stage. They had to keep tabs on what team members were doing at any time. Back in the day, that meant having regular face-to-face meetings and getting daily reports.

Putting a project in the cloud means project managers, as well as team members, can access the data online at any time from any place. They can coordinate more easily without having to be physically present, and updates are in real-time. Remote and 24/7 access can have a big impact on the success of a project

Wider options

Being able to access project data remotely also means project managers can now have access to talent in other geographic locations. Project members can work from anywhere so they do not have to come into the office. They can find and hire the best people for a job without having to be in the same city or even the same country. This gave them wider options when it comes to getting the right people working on a project.

Better communications

Communications is an important part of any project. Project management software usually comes with messaging tools for this reason. Team members can use these tools to talk to each other. It might be to ask and answer questions, bring up issues, give updates, or make recommendations. Whatever it is, putting them on the cloud means better and faster communication among project members.

Moving over to cloud-based project management might seem like a big leap from project managers. However, its many benefits make it obvious that making the move as soon as possible is the practical decision.

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