2020 Cybersecurity Threats That Everyone Should Be Aware About

As 2020 begins to end its first quarter, there are plenty of problems that the world face. Besides the current Pandemic that the globe is fighting, cybersecurity continues to plague the digital space for many organizations. Thankfully, information and digital technology consulting services and experts continue to offer solutions.

But as a business, let alone a user, it’s still important to be aware of the current cybersecurity threats that you may encounter this year.

1. Rise of Microbreaches

Microbreaches is the tampering of data which can be cascaded through certain IT environments. In 2020, you will see a spike of this because of the market trend in security. SIEMs, netflows, packet capture and other tools can detect this but may still experience difficulties doing so.

The consolidation can also make these more complex, which may increase the vulnerable state of your IT system.

2. Mobile is the Primary Target

It should be no surprise that cybersecurity threats would increase in mobile platforms as users today surf more through these devices than computers. Businesses use smartphones to store data as well, which is why there are attacks here as well.

Hackers are capable of blocking phishing emails in your corporate addresses. By doing so, they can immediately access your email and business data without much trouble.

3. AI-Optimized Threats

Throughout the years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have become integral in businesses. Many industries have utilized these technologies in manufacturing, supply chain management, and even marketing, to name a few.

This is why AI would experience many cyberattacks in 2020. AI Fuzzing, for example, uses fuzzing techniques that are integrated with AI to expose system vulnerabilities. If AI is used to detect issues within your infrastructure, know that it can also be used against you.

4. Cloud Security is Another Target

When cloud storage was slowly being integrated years ago, many believed it to be safer. Google Suite and Microsoft Office 365 have become widely used by many corporations and businesses. But know that these SaaS applications are still prone to cybersecurity threats.

Hackers can utilize IMAP protocols to tamper the security of these apps, hence making your data vulnerable and easily accessible.

5. More Social Engineering Attacks

Hackers have long been using social engineering attacks. Phishing, for example, has led many users to provide information to hackers. Companies and organizations have improved their security to prevent such cases, but know that there would still be more kinds of social engineering attacks in 2020.

Because phishing is an effective technique with lots of returns, many cybercriminals can gain sensitive info and credentials that could threaten the whole structure of a business.

Human Trust and Accountability are Essential for Cybersecurity

IT working on cybersecurity

Whatever the year is, know that there will always be cybersecurity threats. Technology is vital today in people’s lives, which is why criminals would target the most vulnerable. But understand that there are still consulting services and experts that you can trust in the area of information technology.

What’s important is that you also become accountable to the data you store in your storage.

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