How to Burglar-Proof Your Home

CCTV CameraAccording to the FBI’s annual report “Crime in the United States”, 2016 edition, approximately 7,919,035 property crimes were committed in 2016. Fortunately, planning and being vigilant could help you could help you safeguard your family and your home. Aside from the obvious—making sure all doors and windows are closed and having ample lighting whether you’re in or out of the house, as well as using durable locks and deadbolts—below are other tips you could use for burglar-proofing your home:

Install an Alarm System

This is a valuable and very effective deterrent that need not cost you thousands of dollars. According to, a top security specialist in Lafayette, you could program alarm systems to be activated in specific areas so you could rest easy at night in your room while the alarm system outside and downstairs is turned on.

Do Away with the Letter Box on your Front Door

Unscrupulous individuals are known to use letterboxes to gain access to keys hanging near the door or in your hallway while using devices such as extendable fishing rods.

Install CCTVs in your Home

As with the alarm systems, these not be expensive as these are quickly gaining popularity with homeowners. You could place these handy cameras in your garage, cupboard, the front door, and pretty much anywhere else with unobstructed views. You could likewise use the footage as evidence in case you home get targeted.

Befriend your Neighbors

You could look out for your neighbors, while they look out for you as well. They could report any suspicious activity they see in your house and help while you’re out, and vice versa.

Never Advertise What’s Inside your Home

Make sure to tear packaging for costly stuff, like TVs, tablets, and other gadgets before throwing away. Likewise, take a close look at how your home looks from the outside and make sure that no one could readily see inside to take stock of your stuff. Consider making a list of your valuables as well and labeling them with UV markers or engravers. Take detailed photos of rare possessions as well.

Follow the above-mentioned burglar-proofing tips to reduce the chances of you ever facing a burglar inside your home. Remember, you’re responsible for your safety, your family’s and your home’s, so don’t be a victim and don’t let those intruders win.

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