These Strategies Boost Your International SEO Efforts

Businessman clicking on SEOAre you planning to expand your business into other markets around the globe? If so, Internet marketing provides you with multiple opportunities to do so. However, simply having a website, social media pages and a grand plan aren’t enough. You’ll need a targeted search engine optimization campaign to realize your goal.

Experts from a Denver SEO company cite the following strategies to achieve this master plan.

User-Focused Localized Content

Brands that want to enter an international market must know the behavior and the type of content their potential clients or customers consume. This is when localization efforts come in; keyword research and implementation, and content formulation based on intent are factors that can tip the scales in your company’s favor.

Does your intended audience prefer videos or blog posts? Will hard selling work or would you have to be subtle in your approach? The answers to these questions will help you convert at a high rate.

Language Specific Pages

A simple translation isn’t enough; you’ll need to create pages that adapt to the subtlety, spelling and culture of the country you want to enter. Don’t just hire translators; choose people who understand the nuances of the new market you want to enter to create specific content and pages.

Location-Based HTML Content

HTML areas such as headings, descriptions, titles, navigation and others need tweaking if ever you want to succeed in another country. Focus on pages that are appealing to your potential market: give them a reason click, consume, and share the content on it.

Subdirectories are Your Friends

If you plan to target several countries and use different languages, subdirectories enable you to achieve this goal. This allows you to simplify formatting of the URL with both the language you like and the country code.

These are some of the strategies you can implement to kick-start your foray into a foreign market. Implement these to gain a competitive advantage and make an impression on your intended audience.

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