4 Practical Ways to Improve Your Website and Increase Traffic

Many online entrepreneurs today do not focus on how they would improve websites.  The reason behind this could be that they are not savvy enough to work into the details of the web. Other reasons could be that they are too busy and some could be thinking of higher costs. But online entrepreneurs know that businesses need a website for their operations.

Improving the website is fundamental for many businesses. Online websites are the first thing that clients would see. It is the first image they look into once they browse through the internet. So entrepreneurs should make their websites attractive and full of information.

What are the steps to improve your website? Some online entrepreneurs seek help from SEO marketing consultants. These consultants inform clients of what they need to improve on their websites. They can also help your website rank higher on search engines.

But there are other ways or methods that online entrepreneurs can implement. These steps may be common knowledge, but they can really help people improve their websites.

Speed Up Your Website

Website speed is the defining factor if a customer will appreciate the website or not. Millennials who would try looking at a slow website would likely cancel the search. Most of the web pages available today have worked on their speed. The main goal for speed is to provide their customers convenience. People today only take a few seconds to decide whether they go on a website or not. Thus, website speed is essential to get more clients or customers.

Online entrepreneurs could look for speed tests for websites. It is a great way to know how the website’s download and upload speeds are. People may also change the contents of their sites to improve speed.

Embed Corporate and Promotional Videos on Your Site

There are some online services out there that do not have enough content on their sites. These incomplete websites may confuse customers and end up switching to another. Some websites would have a clear title that explains what they do. But it does not have adequate information on other services that the website offers.

It is better to add videos and other visual support to help explain the business. Those videos will help as ads to the website. It also makes the website more informative and could attract more people. People should make sure that they include all other services they offer.

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Create a “Contact Us” Page and Update Your Content

Some websites have a lot of potential customers. But online entrepreneurs tend to forget to add their information where to reach them. It may seem impossible to overlook such details, but some people happen to neglect them. It could be that they are too busy, and they seem to find it complicated to work on.

The best way to easily read the website is to add a header on the page. The website should have a search button where customers can type in their questions. Online entrepreneurs may also add selection buttons. It is the part where customers could look for services and contact information. They may also include a button telling about the online business and background.

Stick to a Simple and Attractive Design

The common mistake that people make is to over-decorate their websites. Some people would add flashing advertisements on their site. They put bold letters to highlight the service. But it only makes the website unprofessional.

The best way to design a website is to make it simple. But highlight the relevant information on the site. Always make sure that customers can find the information right away. Online entrepreneurs could place an attractive photo in the background. It is also a way to let customers know what they are looking for. Wallpapers also make websites visually pleasing. An informative web page speaks for itself. It would give customers a better idea of what the services are.

It is not wrong to add some artistic design. But make sure that it will not exaggerate the page. Websites should appear professional and sincere.


The website is the face of your online business. Thus, those websites should create an appealing sense to customers. Those web pages will reflect the service people provide to customers. It also gives an impression of how professional the company can be. It is okay to add some things to the website. These steps could be things to remind customers, such as a catchy tagline or a fun mascot. But never over-decorate because the website is the entrepreneur’s image. Whatever the customer sees on the site defines the entrepreneur.

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