The Pros and Cons of Online Gaming

Video games have been a favorite pastime even by older adults. While children go nuts about playing video games in the previous years, the introduction of handheld devices like smartphones and tablets has given them a whole different gaming experience.

What makes video games even more interesting is that they are based on fantasies, current events, or history. Some people believe that video games are bad for children,  while others oppose this statement. Whatever your beliefs are, it’s generally about responsible gaming.


While many parents and non-players criticize video games, psychologists and scientists stand by their conclusions that video games have benefits too. Let’s discuss some of these benefits below.

Better Vision

Some studies suggest that video games have a strange benefit: improved vision. Video games can increase a player’s capability to determine light differences or gray shades.

Also, games can help players have the ability to perceive movement directions. Studies found that gamers can spot targets even on an untidy screen more quickly than non-gamers, proving that games can improve vision.

Boosting Brain

Games have a direct impact on different areas of the brain. It improves memory, brain organization, spatial orientation, and motor skills. As an individual gets older, the more he needs to play games to boost his brain.

How does it affect your life as a person? Boosting your brain will improve your decision-making skills. It will allow you to use every part of your brain to solve your problems, which is pretty vital in day-to-day living.

Enhanced Life Skills

Don’t underestimate the skills that you can get in playing video games. Often, the ages involve strategies and the need to take risks. It will teach you to be patient, judge fairly, and persevere. You can use these skills in your real life.

Aside from skills, it introduces people to new acquaintances and social connections. Moreover, gamers are good at critical analysis as they complete tasks at hand.



Video games may teach valuable life skills. But irresponsible gaming can lead to consequences such as follows:

Hacking Tendencies

Some video games these days involve cryptocurrency, which players can withdraw as real cash. And that is why cybercriminals put in the effort to hack gaming accounts. While developers are trying to stop gaming account hacking by using IT security software, hacking is still a threat to watch out for.


Generally, developers design games to be addictive. So if the player doesn’t have any self-control, it’s only a matter of time before he falls into gaming addiction. People who have no friends or no social life tend to be the most vulnerable to game addiction.

People get addicted because they feel like playing video games is the only way to escape their dull lives. It’s essential to watch out for gaming addiction as it might lead to poor mental health.

Stress and Anxiety

Video gaming can help reduce stress and anxiety. But too much playing can also cause these problems. Excessive gaming can even lead to higher levels of psychological stress, where you may suffer social anxieties, depression, and low self-esteem.

Studies show that uncontrolled gaming may also trigger feelings of shame and guilt. Signs and symptoms of mental disorders might not show in the beginning, but eventually, they will.

The only way to prevent this from happening is by having self-control. Have a gaming schedule and avoid playing all night long. If possible, invite your friends to play with you so that you stay intact with reality.

Responsible Gaming

Gaming is supposed to be fun. It should not cause you stress or any adverse effects at all. Here’s how you can play responsibly.

  • Make conscious decisions. Remember that it’s not always about winning. Gaming is about making decisions that will make the experience better and more fun.
  • Set boundaries. Know your limits. Playing for extended hours can cause eye strain and brain fatigue.
  • Invite family and friends. Ask your loved ones to play with you. By doing so, you will have more fun. Plus, your companion can remind you if you’ve been playing for too long.
  • Limit spending on games. While it’s not wrong to spend money to enhance your gaming experience, spending too much can lead to unhealthy spending habits. Set your budget for gaming, and don’t exceed.
  • Take a break. If you intend to play with your friends for the whole night, it will help if you take frequent breaks. You can use these breaks to chat with your friends or have a snack.

In conclusion, video games aren’t harmful in general. It only gets worse when the players can’t control themselves and lose track of reality. Always remember that it’s meant for relaxation, fun, and entertainment only.

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