Three Frequently Encountered Limitations to Deal with in Order to Learn and Grow


Our collective awareness tends to be flooded with a disproportionate number of stories and images featuring successful people. It’s true that these stories often serve as inspiration for many people; but without a useful insight into how success can be achieved, and their examples emulated even to a lesser extent, the opposite effect can result. People who dream of success may find themselves lost without a clear path to their goals; the constant status pressure can induce a sort of paralysis that prevents individuals from taking positive action.

Sometimes the first step to achieve progress on the path towards personal development is removing the limiting factors. If you recall the concept from chemistry class, the lack of a so-called limiting reagent makes it impossible for a chemical reaction to proceed, no matter how much other stuff you put into the mix. A similar effect in business is called a bottleneck; a factor which throttles the rate of output even if the key components are present. Here are some frequently encountered limitations you may have to deal with before you can start making strides towards your goals.

Skills and tools

IT professionals know that standalone upgrades don’t necessarily yield immediate improvements. 5G or IoT-capable devices sound great in theory, but a network performance test can reveal that current systems aren’t ready for the new devices, and may even take a performance hit until properly upgraded. Similarly, personal goals can be achieved by smart, specific investments. You can do plenty of push-ups at home, but without a simple piece of equipment like a pull-up bar or a resistance band, you might be neglecting your back muscles, effectively placing a limit on how strong you can actually become. Rather than spending big, identify the most critical skills and tools that you need, and focus your efforts on those areas in order to make progress.

Time management

The old saying that we need eight hours a day for each of labor, recreation, and rest was coined during the Industrial Revolution and helped support the promulgation of a 40-hour workweek. But for many of today’s workers, the practical reality of living in major cities makes it difficult to achieve this sort of balance. Traffic or inadequate public transportation can translate to hours wasted each day simply traveling to and from work.

You probably know a lot of people who’ll say that a lack of time is the biggest factor limiting their personal development. Reclaiming the value of lost hours is possible; it will take a deliberate effort to manage your time. By planning your day in advance and removing distractions, you can focus better at work and even gain some productivity out of the daily commute by dedicating that time to sorting through emails or listening to informative podcasts.

Employees clappingPersonal attitude

Even without getting into possible concerns about mental health, everyone can struggle occasionally with personal factors which serve as bottlenecks to growth. Any form of negativity doesn’t help; yet many people often approach tasks while anticipating failure in the back of their minds. Simply harboring a negative attitude can be the biggest thing holding someone back from learning and growth. In order to truly overcome the limitations imposed by a negative mindset, positivity must be applied to key areas such as having the right outlook, striving for the best in every approach, and believing that you can overcome any adversity.

Aspiring to succeed can make anyone’s life more meaningful and fulfilling. By dealing with these common limitations, you can begin to make progress and feel the reinforcement and satisfaction which come with reaching every small milestone along the way.

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