Do Small Businesses Benefit From Cloud Business Phone Systems?

Customer service is an integral part of any business. Even if the nature of your business doesn’t call for constant communication with clients or customers, you still need to provide a means for them to reach you. While social media and instant messaging have been the preferred method of communication for many nowadays, there are still those who would rather pick up the phone to talk to an actual person over the phone.

However, a regular landline may not cut it for business purposes. Even if you’re managing a small Miami, FL business, you may still find business phone solutions helpful in terms of streamlining your customer service and relationship efforts.

Not convinced? Let’s take a look at how small businesses benefit from cloud business phone systems.

1. A business phone system can help you cut costs.

Some may fall under the wrong impression that old school landline phone is cheaper than modern business phone solutions. However, the latter is more cost-effective than traditional options. This is particularly true for small businesses and those that often make and accept international business calls.

Furthermore, getting a business phone solution doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get additional hardware. Virtual phone systems that operate in the cloud can be set up to divert calls to devices you are currently using. You can also choose service packages that exactly meet your budget.

2. A business phone system provides flexibility.

Since a virtual cloud phone system can be set up to divert calls to any device, may it be a computer or a cellphone, you can make and accept calls practically anywhere. As long as you and your team have a stable internet connection, you won’t have to be glued next to your business landline. As a result, your small team is given the flexibility to do other equally important things without missing out on important business calls.

Moreover, business phone system services usually come in different packages. You can choose a package that suits your business needs, so you will only have to pay for the services that you use.

3. A business phone system solution is fully scalable.


Virtual cloud-based phone systems provide more than just a toll-free number. As discussed above, you can handpick the services included in your package. There is a wide range of features you can choose from, each of which can help improve your business in one way or another.

If right now all you need is a toll-free number, you can certainly have that. But you can also add other features, especially as your business grows. Some of the services you can add to your package include chat support, online faxing, and call queuing. You can also specify the number of users that can access your business phone system, then add more later on as needed. In this regard, you can essentially take your business phone with you from the start of your business and as it continues to grow.

4. A business phone system can help boost your brand.

There are several ways a business phone system can help boost your brand. For one, you can choose a phone number that effectively represents you. Take, for example, 1-800-FLOWERS. Their custom toll-free phone number is very easy to remember to the point that it has become their brand itself.

Furthermore, since business phone systems allow you to take and make calls clearly and with less technical mishaps compared to the traditional phone, your customers may appreciate your flawless customer support service. It will speak volumes about how your brand takes care of its customers.

For best results, get a reliable business phone system partner.

Now, to make sure that you get a business phone system that meets your needs exactly the way you want, look for a reliable provider that can show you a good track record. It will also help to partner with one that has experience working with small businesses like yours.

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