Types of Video Production

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As the average human concentration span continues to shorten, video production methods have changed to accommodate the behavior of online viewers. Additionally, complex ideas or explanations are easiest done on videos.

There are five major categories of video production offered by various SEO services in Minnesota. Entrepreneurs, professional organizations, and businesses of all sizes are adopting new ways of using videos to their advantage. That said, there are various types of videos you should know about.

Educational Videos

These are best suited for introducing and teaching concepts. Since videos use your basic senses of sound and sight, it is easier to learn and remember the content better than how you could have read it off a page. This is the result of using the dual code theory and multimodal learning, which explain that learning with both sound and visuals boosts comprehension and retention of new things. Besides informing the viewers, these videos go on and explain why you need to do what you are being taught. For example, if it is a cooking video, it will explain why you need to preheat your oven or why you cannot use certain spices. Educational videos may include webinar information videos, video lesson series, how-to videos, and animated explainer videos among others.

Promotional Videos

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With the convenience of powerful mobile devices, fast and wireless Internet, and the growing realization that businesses can use videos for marketing, promotional videos have become exceptionally popular. To adapt to the habits of a modern viewer, these videos are short, relevant, and engaging. They are also available if the viewer wants to share them on their social networks. The reason promotional videos are different from educational and instructional videos is that they are only available to particular viewers for their very specific needs. They provide a solution and a call to action for the viewers. Promotional videos may include unboxing videos, product review videos, and give away videos among others.

Informational Videos

These are the simplest in the entire videos category. These videos majorly discuss the ‘what’ in the main topic, leaving the ‘why’ largely unexplained, unlike educational or promotional videos. These videos provide you with sounds and visuals of the topic in question. It leaves no room for imagination as it makes the viewer see it and hear it for themselves. Popular types of informational videos include live video streaming, television newscasts, and interview question and answer among others.

As seen above, there are hundreds of video varieties leading to a lot of overlap and crossover which makes it almost impossible to make a single comprehensive list. The above list segregates the different genres to help you identify which is best for your business. If you are still not sure of where your videos can fit best, seek the help and guidance of an experienced SEO consultant. Moreover, consultants help in creating the videos and shaping the message to suit your viewers and your purpose. With their help, you will surely garner more viewers and possible conversions.

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