What Are the Key Elements of an Optimized PPC Landing Page?

man using laptopThere are currently different platforms for search engine marketing (SEM). While most businesses have no issue readily investing in most forms of “free” SEM, only a few consider pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns since they assume these are expensive and might not do much for their bottom line. According to research, however, PPC ads currently guarantee the highest returns in digital marketing. The key to getting a piece of this pie lies in working with the best PPC marketing expert.

The best choice is an expert who also offers SEO services for Raleigh businesses so that you are guaranteed of the ad’s visibility. One of the ad elements the PPC expert will help you design is its landing page. This will have a significant effect on the returns of your ad since it is the first thing people will see on your ad. The following are the primary elements that form part of an optimally designed landing page for a PPC ad.

A Killer Title

Your landing page’s title is the first element everyone will see when they click on your ad. Without a title that stands out, only a few will give your ad a second glance. This does not mean, however, creating a misleading title. If your title misleads a client into thinking your page will offer something it will not, you lose the client’s confidence in your brand.

Easy Navigation

If your PPC’s landing page is a challenge to navigate, users will not bother with it. Customers nowadays have a very short attention span and will immediately abandon any ad that will take a lot from them to successfully navigate. You should make your PPC’s landing page as easy as possible to browse so that customers spend a lot of time on your ad and give you time to convince them to take your desired action. A proper layout of your content will go a long way in enabling easy navigation on your site.

Call-to-Action Buttons

woman analyzing graphs on laptopYou want to maximize the chances of visitors taking the desired action on your PPC ad. You can achieve this by including several CTA buttons on your landing page. There are different types of CTA buttons used in PPC ads. The PPC expert you work with will assess different elements in your ad and advice you on the best buttons that will work for your ad without looking overwhelming.

Quick Load Times

A landing page whose elements take too long to load will generally have high bounce rates. In PPC advertising, slow loading of your page’s elements will affect your ad’s landing page optimization. This, in turn, will affect your ad’s quality score and its rank. As such, the ad will be mostly invisible among your targeted circle.

These landing page elements are undoubtedly among the essential ones for PPC campaign. They are, however, only a tip of the iceberg as regards PPC advertising. There will be different elements that will be considered to guarantee the highest revenue from your ad. These will also determine how much you pay for your ad, what keywords you will bid for and the kind of conversions it will generate.

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